17 May 2014, 12:03pm
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Put Tulips Together & Blow

tulip doing iris impression
The tulip is doing its impression of an iris.

The laundry is going. The dishwasher is going.

turkish tulip curling shut
The Turkish tulips, first to bloom, are first to fold.

Laundry being folded. Backyard filled with the sound of power tools.

rain in the lilies
Something in relief of green in yesterday’s rain. It fell on me.

new leash on life
Something of the cat going to a low posture ready to bolt at everything that moves in the wind made me realize how fixed and still indoors is, how sound-insulated. How long winter has been.

lettuce, self-sown by Lettuce Bolted Sr.
The lettuce that bolted sowed itself. Half a raised garden bed of lettuce.

Waiting for the ibuprofen to kick in. Funny how my taking a pill changes everyone else, and the whole prospects of the future, isn’t it? Magic, so it is.

those changeable letters
How could I not go barefoot when I finally could? Follow the advice of signs.

No email since yesterday? Funny. Ah, I had a search string in.

bleeding hearts
Our bleeding hearts are at full bleed.

housefly in the rain
Mr. housefly is out taking in some sun.

Still on the camera I may have a Ms. Groundhog at Carleton U’s campus, or she may have moved too fast.

Dows Lake tulip
Time is lapse. When we went to the Tulip Fest last weekend there was more potential than blossom.

plant sculpture
More ops than tulips.

My aunt says hi.

Floral tables among the daffodils at Dow’s Lake.

Mostly it was hundreds of people per tulip and a schmozzle of a crowd. Busses parked. Double decker bus loads going past.

couple kites
Slightly off of the paths, people were flying kites.

Today, tomorrow there’s the Haiku Canada Weekend at Leeds Residence at Carleton U. Been underway for hours already. Once my get up and go arrives, I will too.

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