23 May 2014, 9:02pm
Glad Game Thirteen Thursday

The Little Things

I’m too late for 13 Thursday. That being the case, why 13? Let’s see where it goes.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. The good stuff I mean. Like?

  1. Finding the book you want in particular at a particular moment even when it goes peek a boo on you.
  2. Progress in gardening. No pics yet. Take my word for it to hold ya over.
  3. And in sewing with the little helper,
  4. mushroom rain
    A good mushroom rain.
  5. Remembering to remove the marshmallows from the pocket before the washing machine.
  6. Western Creamery cream cheese and the best bagels in the city — Kettlemen’s.
  7. A visiting elder checking out the place,
  8. Realizing that I’m not super spy material; trying to release a book into the wild 3 people came after me saying “miss, miss, you forgot your book.”
  9. on the plus side people see books as valuable things no one would want to lose.
  10. These are days of hug low, kiss high. But I’m down to 1 ibuprofen a day, if that. The chest isn’t entirely normal and neither is the shoulder but I can do neat human tricks like move the arm from a brain command instead of moving it with the other arm against discomfort.
  11. That mom’s mammogram shadow was a shadow and nothing showed in the second.
  12. The humour of cat being called Honey while I am called Holly.
  13. Small blessings of quiet nuzzle and kiss on the forehead.
  14. Bonus: Glad also for the hours weeding and the Lee Valley nail brush.
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