18 Jul 2014, 1:59pm
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Hey, Lookie there

Skinning Dipping at 50: How An Ordinary Person Lives an Extraordinary Life is a weekly blog of making a bucket list and doing it. She’s in week 40 now. Great thing. If you carpe diem enough, how is there room for regret?

At Living From this Day Forward, a compliment or a tease. When you’ve been teased, that the same thing could be admired isn’t the first thought. Good story.

In Japan Orchid stopped to watch a dragonfly.

Here, Holly was chittering and looking up at a dragonfly then meowing at me to bring it down. She’s convinced we create moths from our fingertips when we point at them, so why couldn’t we bring down a dragonfly, or make the rain stop? Or maybe she was just bellyaching.

Greet the shadows and ask, what’s here right now?

Well, there’s Frogpond in the mail with my senryu in it. That’s a big haiku market. It’s been years since I tried. If you don’t play…

Did you know Charles VIII died from running into a door lintel while playing tennis? Guess I got off lucky if the wild badminton swing is what did in my shoulder for a year or so.

Using her own perisistence, body weight and strength, Kacy Catanzaro did some amazing athletics. I’ve probably watched this half a dozen times already.

Seed and Pearl is a photoblog about light. Simply eye-wateringly gorgeous.

this life is a bottomless blessing“. Even the awkward stuff. For instance?

My cousin, introducing me to another cousin’s girlfriend said, “you are both writers. you should talk. C won an award for short stories and Pearl once wrote a nice poem about our old cat, didn’t you”.

I totally understand how quickly C ducked and made herself scarce.

I remember being 20 and thinking 40-year-olds are indistinguishable from retirees.

60 is rushing up in a few blinks.

Coelho said there,

I understood two very important things. The first is that no matter how famous you may be, you will always have the feeling that you are alone.

The other is that no matter how unknown you may be, you will always be surrounded by friends, even if you have never seen their faces.

first raspberries
Ah, the small chins of ripe raspberries. We had two. Overnight, someone clambered up onto the bench to chew a few more.

Whatever our shrub is, it’s ripening. No one in bird & rodent world seems keen on eating them.

And to close off the read-recently round up, Laughing Housewife has a growth-challenge photo post.

Forget about living on air. How about pure electricity, eating and excreting electrons? Does a bad vibe make them fart or hiccup?

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