16 Aug 2014, 12:52pm

And whatever’s next will also be its own peculiar brand of awesome

you can’t judge a day by its start but when your first awareness is a crusty eye and suspect that cat slept on your head…

but at least the night before when reaching for anti-histimines in bleary hours reached the nighttimes not the daytime one like last time…

and when your first semi-conscious act is to itch your stomach, which the wired cat takes as a pounce invitation, and brings you fully awake with her fully body weight on bladder…

or when you go to use the waterpik and hit a tickly bit and laugh and spray that jet all over the bathroom…

or when you get rambunctious, heady with being able to point your arm at 12 o’clock without leaning the body for the first time in a year and a half…so lift up hubby for a swing and feel a pop in the shoulder that may mean nothing…seems to mean nothing…the small victory of not hurting your fool self…

and when you go to say “that’s rob gesturing” and for reasons known only to the arm, demonstrate “gesturing” and knock the juice box and pizza box clear flying off the sofa, but the lid was on and the pizza was gone…

and when deseeding tiny hot peppers and saying to yourself, do not lick your fingers, do not lick your fingers, donolickyorfinger until it becomes sound and then I lick my fingers…

and well, it’s just that Irish blessing, live in interesting times.

for all that, there’s a laugh track.


and among all the unexpected there are small victories like finishing a bottle of shampoo to declutter the bathroom by one bottle. one bottle = one battle.

and to have searched in 6 stores for combs and only find bulk packs of huge ones but finally secure a wee black comb to replace the one lost when travelling.

and you found that mislaid book just where you left it, used as a bookmark in another book.

and among all that, there’s the closest we come to holiness, the company of friends who are saddened at your sadness and cheer at your small yays and who share the narratives of their days.

I was nodding along with you through this, exactly!

thanks for painting such a vivid picture
with your words
and sharing it clear:)

Yeah, well, you can tell yourself not to lick your fingers all you want, but you KNOW you’re gonna.

I, too, live for that empty shampoo bottle morning.

I always enjoy your work.



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