5 Aug 2014, 10:40am

Garden Walk

For Our World Tuesday a walk in the yard. It’s amazing how fertile the earth is on Ottawa’s scrape of sand, rock and clay; continual crops of weeds. The term “grounded” didn’t come by accident. How restful to take one kind of plant away. Not sure what to do about the carrots. I left thinning too late and it looks like a 70s shag carpet there. I thinned some. Need to thin more.

It seems harsh to cut the roses but where I cut them back, they blossomed. Where I let be, they didn’t. Counterintuitive. But a lesson there about choices and editing on a biological model.

There are so many species under our noses, surviving us. I also saw a beetle the size and shape of a ladybug but uniformly gold. And a long beetle iridescent as a grackle.

No bird, insect or mammal wants to eat these. Surely someone must. They went from ruby to this deep purple and are starting to fall.

cucumber coming
No one’s eaten these but us and for that I feel lucky. We’ve eaten 5 out of the garden so far. Amazing how fast they decay once picked compared to whatever they do to grocery store cukes.

cucumber pyramid
More coming.

It’s a risky world for the small. The beautiful cicada was found in the mouth of the cat. Drop it! Drop it!

Then I put the cicada up somewhere safe. His or her one leg didn’t look well. But once rested from that nasty turn after a 7 year wait to fly, he or she flew again.

In other news, pesbo lists my latest couple finished-reading lists.

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