8 Dec 2014, 7:14pm

Studio Nouveau

At our little place we had a salon thing last night. A few times we’ve hosted a workshop here, of¬†writing or crit workshop groups, KaDo, Ruby Tuesdays, and Peter F Yacht club.

It’s expensive to travel as a poet. It helps to have two or three events for the travel cost help defray. Canada Council can’t pay much proportional to the train or cars. When someone’s coming thru town if people can attach on a room full of people paying per head that goes direct to the poet, so much the better. We’ve hosted a Poetry Boot Camp with Stuart ross, a workshop with Catherine Owen and another with Elizabeth Bachinsky.

But readings are a little new. Perhaps if we keep doing it should have a name. I’m thinking Studio Nouveau. A nod to The Toronto New School of Writing and the workshops and things they do.

A good number of people did come to hear Jeff Blackman and Marcus McCann. And a lovely crew to hear too,

The poetry of Jeff Blackman strikes me as that mix of alert intelligence, insightful wit and comic timing. You should buy his chapbook. At that link. Or whereever you can.

Which has a lot in common with Marcus McCann. You should buy his books if you don’t have them. Or if you do. Christmas is coming. He stretches the word play and has such a density of unexpected word combinations. It’s always a pleasure to hear him read. New bends of the mind and attention.

And the discussion on poetry after, on line, cadence, weight and trends of poetics of various poets and what those trends orginate with in the structures of their lives was nourishing.

Pirie Pirie
Myself and Bri enjoyed it.

Francheteau Johnston
JM and Chris.

Vivasis maxfield
Vivian and Kate

Anstee Sutton and mclennan
Cameron and rob

Sutton and mclennan
and rob and Paul.

I couldn’t ask for a better evening.

rob shows off the Apt 9 book
Jeff read from Five too. [Picture of it shown by rob at the Factory Series launch in October.] You should all buy that while you still can.

As with any event there’s days of neuroticality that no one will come. (And sometimes it happens. Once I had a reading and three came. An encouraging three, but still.) Lives line up how they do. Everyone has busy lives and germ factories are among us. Another wave has people in bed in the least possible fun way.

While I worry, I cook/prepare and make enough food for twice the probable maximum number of people. When that is an option. Must nourish. Must nourish. So I did a food post on those Nibbles.

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