18 Jan 2016, 10:38am
Glad Game

So here,

Finished the 5th painting, this of the apostrophe and semicolon preoccupation. Calling it “peroxide blond”.

Glad to get some time to paint. I’m now out of stretched canvas, unless I paint over something or unless I’ve stashed more somewhere unexpected/disorganizedly.

Glad to use the hands. It’s quite a different iteration process to do rewriting with a pencil than computer edits, quite different to do acrylic than digital. I can’t breathe so well with the off-gassing of acrylics but then, I’m allergic and live with a cat so breathing is compromised at the best of nights.

Glad I have a laptop and a helpful hubby because I did a real number on myself. (And it wasn’t one of those fun numbers.)

About an hour into The Great Snowshoe Excursion—which ended up being 3 hours— realized that by the snowed in river one can’t exactly call a cab or hail a bus. Each step took a conscious pull and wish I could fire the fool limb off and hop on my way.

My left leg is now a match for my back. Turning over in the night was a whole other kind of adventure.

At least I can say I don’t do things halfway.

I do things more 1/5 of the way if we’re talking about my grandpa shuffle.

my feet won’t climb the stair,
I will only ask one favor:
Don’t bring me no rocking chair.
When you see me walking, stumbling,
Don’t study and get it wrong.
‘Cause tired don’t mean lazy
And every goodbye ain’t gone.

As Maya Angelou put it.

Inconvenient my body’s greed for rest but glad to be able to sleep because it’s better than its opposite.

Glad to hear the crows having their chat out there and see the softly piled new snow.

Glad to have class coming tonight as we dig into poems that make an argument.

Glad this is Martin Luther King Jr Day over the border. “Up from a past that’s rooted in pain/I rise/I’m a black ocean, leaping and wide”~ Still I rise

Yup, think I’m at the end of thought.

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