2 Jul 2016, 4:50pm
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the rain,  2 reactions

Some got out of the way of thunder and rain and some charged into it.

running boys

Wonder if the boys knew each other or elected to jump in. Why didn’t any girls?

Still to see all the children get their faces painted, walk with parents or walk puppies and caught a clot of oohers and ahhers was cheerful.

Halfway though the year. Normally there’d be a family reunions around now, for close to 50 consecutive years but 3 key organizer of those who host are dealing with with health crises. There’s been a move towards Canada Day and/or Thanksgiving. 


Margaret thanking Deanna for being co-director for 3 years

This happened this week. A passing thanks to Deanna at Tree as Colin stays on and I move into co-directorship over the summer.


with folks

8 years since this at Barry’s mom’s bd party. Since then Aunt Flo died and dad. And a bunch of cousins and uncles. 


the year I loved red

What would I be there? 10? 11?


and her beaver

Cat and her favourite toy, Beaver.


sleeping Holly

Out watching the yard.

I have been more active at twitter where I am pesbo. I got a couple new chapbooks out since I posted last but www.pearlpirie.com hasn’t been updated to show them all.

Stay well,

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