27 Jan 2015, 8:09pm
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Baby It’s Bold Outside


Winterlude start this weekend and the snow sculptors are getting ready.

By Rideau Centre the snowdust is flying.

In the courtyard one of the planter boxes is taking up the spirit of decorative surrounds.

16 Jan 2015, 8:25pm
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Letting the Light In

Sometimes it’s as hard as stopping, not waiting for it, but being receptive to its possibility. When it comes, don’t dismiss it, don’t cling to it. But take it in.


“May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” ~ Nelson Mandela

I’m also weekly at Looking on the Bri Side and every few months, Catnip and Catnaps.

13 Jan 2015, 7:44pm

New Telemetries

I’m seeing slower. Trying to break my habit of quick-quick identifying and filing away under misc, figuratively and literally.

Instead attending to and seeing patterns to light, news, people. Calm the inner chatter. Being sick helps. Remember the old fundraising ad for the heart and lung society: If you can’t breathe, nothing else matters.

The body naturally makes 4 litres a day of mucus when healthy. We just don’t need to notice until we’re sick. It prevents ulcers in the stomach and mouth, make for some of the more pleasant of slippery slopes.

This congestion ——despite the hack out a lung, abs are getting sore from this workout—— is psychologically the best in a few years. My dad had a do not intervene medical order so he died by drowning in the hospital as his lungs filled with phlegm. That took a few weeks of him wasting into skeletal. A side-effect he didn’t anticipate is how it would effect me. But him willing himself to die wasn’t about me. Anyway,

I spent a lot of last year, well, every year for a lot years, feeling I was in a headlong fall or run from night dreams to ready for bed again.

I felt in an uneven match against time and resenting how little I had. Every day was a scarcity or poverty of time to fight. I could have fun in the run or just be worn out but I’d try to jam in as much as I could before I dropped.

Part of that if from a good place, from a life-wish, a desire to let myself learn about everything. Admitting limits is always hard and so many people do so little but watch TV. Someone has to participate in society to pick up the slack.

Part of that pressed effect comes from digital speed.

Am I any better for monitoring what thousands of humans are doing?

I consumed enormous amount of information at skim-speed to some benefit. I know about diverse stuff.

It also cultivates a sense of impotency and suckers into false urgencies of competing stories. The answer isn’t to lalalala but slow down and carve time.

A couple weeks into the year we’re extending of patterns from last year towards more structure.

If unacted on by outside schedule we’ll workaholic ourselves until we are drained.

So a change against the drain.

Last year we took to paying attention to electricity rates and running the dishwasher when the industries aren’t demanding the power. Instead of doing laundry whenever there was a particular item wanted, we settled on a regular wash day. There’s no need for me to race back and post daily. Instead of daily blog, a weekday food blog. I’ve added processing photos to a Sunday schedule.

For a lot of years when we eat a meal or sleep could swing by 3-5 hours. What if this were more regular? Now we’re running an experiment of what happens if the internet is turned off until after lunch. The day starts with reading on paper, talking, not checking what emails happened overnight as before. No wake-up-the-brain online scrabble. No drifting segue into whatever.

The day has discrete units. Greeting, rising, breakfasting, exercise, editing, eating, editing, check online. Free time, with slots depending on the day of the week. A time together mid-afternoon break. After 6pm supper, time together without work intruding.

It gives something of the feeling we had while vacationing. Something that some people call an organic rhythm. By doing less and having more downtime, we’re getting more done. We saw in a store a Fuckit List, instead of a BucketList and it is a freeing idea. There’s more gain than lost at this phase to give a good clean, nope, not happening. With wiggle room you ask to be persuaded and everyone wastes time.

If I’m going to stare into mid-space, better to do that alone. It’s better to stop than “multitask”. The more you do the less you get done of each thing. By stopping instead of switching, there isn’t the filler of busy-work out of the mistaken notion that if you keep moving you’re training yourself for being productive. From the mistaken idea that you don’t lose time getting back up to speed if you never stop. Change of speed is easier on the engine. “Change is as good as a rest” isn’t true for being catchy. Sometimes there’s an impasse and coming back at it fresh is good but that’s a different thing. Sometimes it’s discipline to push thru and sometimes it’s wasting time that could be used better elsewhere. Consider what priorities are rather than jump as if it were a speed test. Life is fleeting but that’s a reason to consider the value of options more than do any random thing.

I don’t feel I’m at such a high vibrate as I was. We’ll see how it continues to go.


New Geometries

in the bus shelter
Freezing rain makes silhouettes from the bus shelter figures.

The documentaries Richard Avedon: Darkness and Light and Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment has me thinking about geometries of images.

waiting on the transitway
Framing for simpler isn’t an art I yet have.

foggy morning
But I’m realizing that too much focus loses accuracy.

Motion is sometimes the thing.

On another note, thanks to Gerard for pointing to Matryoshka Word Generator.

1 Jan 2015, 2:55pm

Happy New Years

happy new year

May your 2015 be full of better and better ideas still.

How vaccines work, how anti-vaccinators persist, and how vaccines create herd immunity.

And may the year be of action. And inaction just when you need it.


“[W]hen I ask you a question, you don’t have to answer right away. But you do have to be right.”[...]

Cognitive flexibility is the ability to see alternative solutions to problems, to think outside the box, to negotiate unfamiliar situations. Cognitive self-control is the ability to inhibit an instinctive or habitual response and substitute a more effective, less obvious one.

From Spiegel, chess and how to think by Shane Parrish.

If you’re ready for new, try out our new bot baby: it comes as a generator page for matryoshka words such as “Well, that puts the even in revenge.” or “Well, that puts the prop in appropriate.” You’ll want to press that refresh paddle until you dazzle. A perfect solution for lack of sleep. WellThatPuts is on twitter too where you can follow it. Y’know if you do that sort of thing.

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