29 Jan 2016, 9:32am
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Human Rights

“When we ask people to be tolerant of others, we do not ask them to abandon their personal convictions. We merely ask them to respect the rights, values and ways of being of those who may not share those convictions. The belief that others are entitled to equal respect depends, not on the belief that their values are right, but on the belief that they have a claim to equal respect regardless of whether they are right.” – Supreme Court of Canada in Chamberlain v. Surrey School District No. 36 [2002].

Ontario’s Human Right’s Code on Creed has the guiding principle that you don’t have to agree with someone to be fair and respectful. You don’t have to prove god exists or wiccan vampire faith (which was an individual claim) makes sense before being granted kindness. It’s functional that way.

“It is not acceptable to choose to ignore discrimination or harassment based on creed, whether or not a human rights claim has been made.” (prevention is presumed a basic human thing. You don’t have to be told to be informed. Ignorance is not an excuse just as with any traffic laws.)

“Telling students to go outside to smudge, including in inclement weather conditions, may breach the school’s duty to accommodate by not doing so in a way that respects students’ dignity.” practices of an individual gives an institutional duty to accommodate, a ventilation system up to flushing the smoke air out.

14 Jan 2016, 11:50am
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tooey lake
breaking up the scenery breaking my mind.

somewhere nearish bancroft
The fog erased the hill tops. There were 4 ravens on snags but as I walked towards the wetland, one left. One conferred and two more flew off into the back trees.

sepia (2)
Stunning area. Throw a camera mid-air on 10-second shutter release delay and get a postcard back.

Where the topsoil is thin or submerged, people are few and the rock surges up always feels more like home.

9 Jan 2016, 9:21am
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Happy New Year you who may happen by.

Over the last couple year I have done a inventory of how I use my energy. At the end of 2014, I tested cutting back on going to readings, going to 1 or 2 a month maximum. I thought more about who to spend time with singly or in small groups with the nutrition and depth of talk can be deeper.

Hubby and I have expanded from date day once a week to making sure we spend a meal together each day and some evening time together. How crazy is it that in the old habit the closest a week might come to eye contact is seeing faces on a screen?

Last year we tried to curtail internet eating our lives and this idea of being alwaya-on, always-accessible to no one in particular. We tried turning off the internet on weekends and evenings. This year we took it further and have it on 1.5 hours a day or for a particular need then off again. This seems saner. Less back problems and fewer headaches are probably related.

I aimed to read more slower and wider and write less, but read more and wrote more. As you may have followed at the pesbo blog.

It may not be either extremes that far, but it is a factor.

I have stayed involved with the community, hosting radio, hosting the odd event, judging contests, and on twitter. And then there’s the workshop series, one now, one tbd as an online counterpart and if those go as well as expected, another face to face in summer or fall.

Do you have any last minute impulse to take a poetry workshop? It starts Monday.

15 Nov 2015, 3:19pm
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Best Elements

Of all the places we lived or rented here are my favourite things:

  • being able to ski out the back door in privacy, having the woods to myself or ourselves
  • blue glass triangular shower powder room with skylight with no walls but one floor drain
  • heated floor in the bathroom with a dimmer switch and window opening to bare sky
  • outdoor shower looking into the forest
  • view of the top of backs of flying birds, tiny figures below
  • 12th century cottage with thick stone walls and fig trees and lizards in the yard
  • a profound quiet except for billions of leaves
  • farmers markets and fruit stands, bakeries and boulageries in every direction
  • late medieval cottage with a fireplace indoors and frog pond and herb garden outdoors with bicycles to explore lanes
  • a window seat in built-in maple shelves made by a local cabinetmaker
  • a few steps from deck of dark sky night to canoes and a lake to explore
  • fireplace and hottub in the bedroom and a catered breakfast buffet of fruit and bread
  • new kitchen toys like blender or slow cooker
  • a perfect teacup of a chair
  • views of hills and pheasants and rabbits
  • horses nearby
  • indoor or indoor/outdoor heated swimming pool
  • books to explore
22 Oct 2015, 1:15pm
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The pattern is as clear as the plague symptoms on the doctor’s own body. Once the regular schedule of blogging stops, once a person goes from daily to occasionally, highly irregular is rarely far away. I saw it coming but life has its own insistences.

A theme of the last few months is waiting for want. Want if very quiet, unless it is a want of a cat. I had an old premise that without pressing myself, depression would suck me dry and bitter. What if pressing itself does that? Perhaps that is the fruit of both directions of excess.

It’s been a year of reflection and withdrawal. I removed myself from various groups and organizations, stopped going to events except every month or two. I largely stopped having tea or dinner with people The idea of throwing a couple parties didn’t happen. I have had a couple months reading little poetry and writing almost none, which isn’t unprecedented but it has been a long time. There is a season to gather and a season to harvest.

The summer had been my mom, her tumour removed, heart valves replaces, excess fluid in limbs and lungs, then a full break for hubby & I to withdraw and renew our energies.

As with any holiday, the first week is essential, but not yet holiday exactly. We sit and we sleep and restore from depleted. My headaches and twitchiness continues for a week, wanting to make fake busy, nervous as a mouse in a cat kennel. After that we get to the rest part.

The European idea of a 6 week vacation seems about right. Time to decompress, find a rhythm and be able to see beauty that slipped. You can’t order beauty to appear or expect it but if you refuse the usual tides of bullshit and bullseyes long enough, its grace might make an appearance.

Beauty is a funny thing. You can gorge yourself until sick but a few hours later, appetite is back. It is a kind of nutrition, beauty, nature, ground, lack of mechanical sound pestering. Eventually the eyes could move in a sweep of distances, instead of stagger about from one locked position, unsticking to next locked position. The world gets more three dimensional.

By week 3, there’s new kinds of aches and strengths. Atrophied smile muscles are getting a workout. The sedentary habit of home gave way to being able to have full use of my body again. I could hike for a couple hours up hills. I could canoe with ease, feel the muscle burn, but no pain afterwards, only deep sleep and waking without that buzz off mental metal walls.

Coming home I crashed into the thorny thicket of old habit and my body immediately slapped me with days of body penalties, headaches and muscle hurt like I have been free of. But to be free of something is to know that contrast is possible. So, how to live properly again. It can be done.

So, let there be no more of this,
stress ball

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