Brain vs. Mind

To start off this Thursday 13, 4 things from Share your world, week 37

  1. Do you believe in the afterlife? Reincarnation?
    Nope. We’re lucky to be alive while alive. Often towards the end, whatever kind of animal we are, we’re already gone with necrosis taking over. Influence may last or artifact might for a while, but all the rebirth we’re going to get is during life.
  2. For your computer Mac or Windows-based computer? Desktop, laptop or other?
    Until the 2000s I was using PC but when my computer was stolen from my workplace, the replacement was a Mac.
  3. If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?
    I wouldn’t go to written history but for one time-travelling pop I’d go to a typical day in my mom’s childhood to see the dynamics and see if that would decode her at all.
  4. What are you reading fiction or non-fiction or studying and would you recommend it?
    Mostly this list stands but I’m done the novel
  5. I read this inspiring article on the harp as Adria’s key to rehabilitation from brain injury. (There’s a link to the video at the bottom of the post there.)
  6. The brain that changes itself by Norman Doidge was out in 2007 but I just read a summary of it at The Health Professional
  7. The idea is that the brain patterns itself growth on its thinking. If you visualize moving without pain, the brain will try to make it so. That doesn’t mean that mind over matter couldn’t leave you denying cause and effect and injuring yourself more but in case of phantom limb can work wonders.
  8. The brain is continually in flux. Constant is not just hard to hold but impossible. It continually rebuilds on a tiny scale even if it to maintain what exists.
  9. I’d say that the brain needs to repeat to itself often (doth protest too much) when it makes a story that the body knows is not true.
  10. It’s naturally more complicated than ‘to visualize is to become’, but in a sense, partly it’s that simple. The higher the density of new pattern over any amount of time will effect change. Provided what you want to become is not defying physics and you’re willing to work at it constantly for a year or few decades.
  11. wind in the chakras
    Wind thru the Chakras. Another photo from my self-portrait a day series in 2010.
  12. I don’t believe in chakras anymore than I believe in anything. That is, I believe with an asterisks.
  13. Everything is a make-believe, a let’s-act-as-if-it’s-true because one must believe in something and everything is as improbable as anything else.

Quote:“Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others, even the dull and ignorant; they too have their story. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love – for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment is it perennial as the grass.” ~ Max Erhmann

18 Aug 2011, 2:44pm
Books Divertions

Exciting Start to an Afternoon

My Snare Books books have arrived! My author copies came in the mail today!

Woo! My author site is all ready for it.

Those had no more arrived than this thunderous storm swept in with a different excitement — the raindrops were floating up as often as sweeping sideways or down. Pylons were blowing all around the street. Waves washing down making the road made it look like a river — it was tremendous.

Then I spy our tomato plants whipping in circles like a cross between feather boas and floppy propellers. Bri’s hand goes over his mouth in a silent scream and I go to run into the storm as The Hero of Our Tomatoes.

I run to the door like wind itself. But the real wind is blowing too hard against it for me to open the door, so there’s an interlude of me pushing at the door futilely.

Then I succeed. The wind blows water back into the room so hubby standing indoors gets his shirt wet. But I’m out and I can bring the plants in where they’ll be safe and the wind whips my skirt and whoops, I may have just flashed the neighbours. Followed immediately, or perhaps happening simultaneously, I get caught in another sheet of rain swinging thru. Oh my, that’s cold!

More waves of a wet soaker as I’m hopping barefoot and making squeaks. But the tomatoes need me to rescue them and I’m coming. They’ve waving around and wind is making an anvil of the sheet of water coming off the other balconies. Can’t even see down a block the street because there’s a white-out of wet.

I arrive at the tomato pots and tug. And am slightly less successful than I was with the door. They’re rather big suckers, heavy clay and full of wet soil. Ok, they’re staying, but the plants know I was thinking of them.

I dash back in, dripping all over the floors and then, has a shampooy shower ever felt so warm? Have dry clothes ever been as dry as this?

Epilogue: It’s sunny as it was rainy and the stakes and ties held for the most part. None of the stems broke but one of tomatoes is now two balconies below us.

Quote: “Maybe when water yearned for fire / it invented waves / so one day they might become flames” ~ Ibrahim Nasrallah

20 Jan 2011, 12:17pm

Thirteen Thursday: Newly Noticed

  1. Finally took my version of a photo of the new Chinatown arch:
    chinatown entry
  2. Good to know that crumpled wool shoved into a ball is fixable. That crumpled kilt’s spin of pleats went back to neat after being hung in the humidity of the bathroom for a couple days.
  3. Holding things constant is such a useful device so long as the attention is in the right place. I used to think I was allergic to wool because I got a rash, but what I didn’t notice was that I was overheating; it was a heat rash but I stuck to fake fibres for years, rather being cold than itchy. Layers are far better.
  4. Knowledge is pow—, well, it’s something. For instance knowing my credit card is not broken but with a chip that allows me to punch in my PIN wrong 3 times over the life of the card before it locks me out. Oh boy, looks like I’ll have to find a brick and mortar bank (huh, those still exist?) to reset the thing and keep the address for future ref. Why is the only person trying ever to hack my accounts, me?
  5. Playing Tetris I can see the feedback of my mind at work. Rehearse stories to myself and it takes no mental work that distracts from game. Try to let my mind work some new understanding out and I blow out within a few levels. Let fret press in and I wipe out in a couple.
  6. Distraction and attraction = away pulling or be pulled towards. Being distracted by attraction is structurally two simultaneous directions of motion, conflicted (being struck with/against). There’s clues of how things work strewn everywhere in etymology.
  7. twist zoom
    Hello from hubby. Focus with a twist zoom. Just as well that it isn’t extreme; a zoom effect done well makes me dizzy looking at a still image.
  8. Hard to say which is more frustrating. Dealing with natural light and sun and shadow disappearing just when I finally have the framing, or my own lack of technical skill with indoor lighting set up. Mechanical learning curves should have wind up monkeys to assist shouldn’t they?
  9. shinplaster
    A 1923 shinplaster with the goddess Britannia which is apparently slightly less common than dirt, depending on the dirt.
  10. The cost of living may have gone up 12x since then but cash only went up 5x, if mint condition which it isn’t. That seems odd somehow.
  11. Good news. Yesterday is over, thanks be to calendar. Sure, “today” can start any second but that two-bandaid-alert day of nicks, self and food separately burned, wall-door-collisions, laying out clothes for after shower (3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks and no shirt, what?), — and the planet’s moved on.
  12. Book in the mail! Woo, Geof Huth‘s NTST arrived. p. 49



  13. That link pointed also to this Shearsman title by Maryrose Larkin which has as its title poem (p. 17) this parting thought:

    The name of this intersection is frost broken up

    heavy spar reign       heavy phrase ravishment
                                  strands careening

    let us unfurl instead: weather
                              see also river

    see also   self   and the less restricted sense

More Thirteen Thursday

Quote: “He’s the type who makes mountains out of molehills and then sells
climbing equipment.” ~ Ivern Ball

17 Dec 2010, 4:16pm
Divertions Link Dump
Comments Off on Word-Wise


Boondoggles constant for 40 years, boonies on the rise and bunnies always bouncing with us — finally google scanning every surface and content yields real results. [Hat tip to Kate for pointing out the google labs grapherizers of word usage]

In case you missed it, a petition to ask for CBC to be secure. It seems a usual sort of bully tactic. Oh, you want more funding? Let’s see how you feel about getting none at all. Unfortunately this crying wolf will eventually get ignored and then the mandate for national broadcasting get shelved and be no surprise.

We’re getting close to KITT’s technology with blurry image made sharp and moving images figured out by blur lines what the crisp orginal looked like: In focus. Or speaking of looking in sci-fi like way, real-time translator. For the moment, English to Spanish and back but machine translation that works well, or really unwell, is kind of nifty. Even when it doesn’t work well, it calls attention to the filters of understanding what we look at normally. The results look credible whether we’re messing up the data or not. And a linguistic tightrope?

Feel like a word? A blog where people contribute their favorites, like austere or flop. Which seems a good time to mention Michael Robbin’s poem I did this to my vocabulary or Wild Strange Language discussion by Kay Ryan, Carl Phillips, Lyn Hejinian and Ron Padgett (from the Poet’s forum). Is strange only strange in an ordinary context and so needs it like a straight man to make nonsense? It’s a negative space that need positive space to make form, to make sense.

Or let’s take a step back a few centuries Piers Plowman by William Langland (ca. 1330-ca. 1386). (Or, translated if you wish.)

Or back more recently; if you want to get into twitter, Robert Lee Brewer wrote a twitter guide to orient on the vocab. And if you use Flickr eek.

Quote: “I am the inferior of any man whose rights I trample under foot.” ~ Robert Green Ingersoll

22 Nov 2010, 5:01pm
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Weekend Photos

hose entrance
Fire hose entrance.

(All other kinds of hoses must use other entrances.)

crashed menu
These digital menus are popping up around town. And crashing.

A paper menu may get soggy or the ink run but no 404 screens. Some restaurants have one that blink “coming soon” for weeks. Some display a menu, but too fast and one page of the menu dissolves into the nest one before you can read it then you have to wait for it to cycle around a few screens to finish the sentence. Would the system work with refinement to draw people in?

Frances Boyle
Speaking of drawn in…the BQJ launch was yesterday. Above Frances Boyle reads from new poems and click on the photo and it’ll take you to flickr and there are pictures on either side.

math moment
Math moment: it can happen anywhere.

Quote: “Men are disturbed not by things that happen, but by their opinion of the things that happen.” ~ Epictetus

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