3 Dec 2012, 5:11pm
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9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture: Wabi-sabi (imperfect), Miyabi (elegance), Shibui (subtle), Iki (originality), Jo-ha-kyu (slow, accelerate, end), Yugen (mysterious), Geido (discipline and ethics), Ensou (the void) and Kawaii (cute). (The links unpack the words.) [via Presurfer?]

Noteable: “The many notes/ of the falling rain, /all in tune.” ~ Don Wentworth (haiga) at Tiny Words

Excellent article: Joe Weil on Poetry Editing: A Rubric [via Don Share]

He also pointed out this poet who has only ever published one poem, but 11 times and counting on tree paper and page. If context and reader are part of the equation, it’s new each time.

Objective paper published

NCC literary notices includes info on Banff this spring with Karen Solie, Jen Hadfield, Daljit Nagra. That’s some enviable lineup.

Hoa Nguyen points out that if you buy CUNY before Dec 20 it will benefit the health costs of Diane di Prima.

If you missed Geof Huth when A B series brought him to town, Silliman has posted a vid of Huth.

Oh, video. I put together a few clips from the 19th anniversary of above/ground reading. I managed to double-press the button and only had the crane-fly posture of recording for some of it. Marilyn’s poem Souvenirs, Stephen’s 19th anniversary poem and rob’s thanks are online.

And I read a poem from my new chapbook Bytown Boys at the Tree Open Mic which was recorded.

And I made a bunch of posts on poetry in Ottawa lately and soon over at pesbo

Name Thingy randomizes combinations of words. Need a band name? Any other kind of creative brainstorm?

Thoughts on taking photos at the Digital Photography School includes: “you can still accomplish wonderful things, as long as you know what it is capable of” and “Saying a camera takes nice pictures is like saying a guitar plays nice melodies.”

You saw the prettiest covers of the year? Pasha Malla’s my favorite for its surreal leap.

Published fewer than 2 poetry books and write innovatively? Under a month left to send your manuscript for the next Robert Kroetsch award, (now under new management).

Quote: “For almost eighty years/ we have stood there on the sand,/safe from the sea, in a black album.” ~ Virginia Hamilton Adair

20 Aug 2012, 3:52pm
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How it Goes

Everything isn’t coming up roses: there are mixed bouquets of flowers too.

Rick came up from NY for a haiku meeting and gave these with a flourish for us for hosting. It was a good mellow gathering of haiku poets from all over region. A compelling thing about haiku is that there isn’t room to allow a weak syllable or not the quite right word. Nothing maudlin or overstated or editorial. We can round table a single poem of a dozen syllables for 10 minutes or so.

There’s a balance of work and play, however fragile the balance is. There’s busywork around here: cooking, doing house maintenance, painting outdoors, weeding, seeding, watering grass and catching up on emails.

It’s hard to think that a year ago we were living in a condo and on vacation staying at an apartment in Paris for a month, checking out the lively literary scene and absorbing as much pastries as viable.

And here, a year later, we have a yard, a barbecue and wicker. (What next, a puppy?) (Please, no one drop me off a puppy.)

There’s something about a house that domesticates us. Something about being able to putter in dirt. There’s a gift in not being able to overhear whatever street ruffians are raving high and loud about. A flock of darling starlings seems far saner place to situate oneself. It feels useful to grow some of our own food. Swapping herbal tea for cocoa does a part in de-rattling myself too.

There’s a seriously messed up system of cutting health care from immigrants and refugees, and worse protection of environment, but outside this box of country, 1 guy has spent 25 years trying to decode Prairie Dog communication and Madagascar has made a step to protect 1/5 of the species of lemurs with a special zone. And people are banding together in Netposse.com to create a network to report, spread word and find horses that were stolen and get them reunited with who they used to live with. There are moments when one is cautiously hopeful. After all, grassroots is often another road of marketing so its worthwhile keeping cynicism alive. Good there are moments of feeling more informed. This article on gluten as a poison is fascinating. [Via Rowdy Kittens] And this list of inflammatory vs safe foods for not exacerbating physical and mental health.

Here’s 2 minutes of 2 poems of mine from last week at the Tree Reading Series. I hadn’t planned on reading but my usual excuse that I didn’t bring anything hardly held water. More than half a dozen people in the room saw the poems I brought to workshop in the Tree Seed Workshop right before.

There’s now 500 videos on site from open mic, feature readers, poet and poetics talks. If you want to start in to peruse the new, catch these two: David Blaikie and pithy Shai Ben-Shalom from last week as well.

Quote: “He who never made a mistake never made a discovery.” ~ Samuel Smiles

28 Jul 2012, 9:48pm
General Glad Game Link Dump


Okay, now I get why people say blogging is for winter not summer. I feel behind in computer-related yet it takes a backseat to roadtrip on own two feet.

Spotted: A white fluffy dog, head hanging out for the breeze…of the backpack of the cyclist.

Waitress laughing at my restaurant menu method. My eyes closed as Bri spins the menu and I go eenie, meenie…

People on a bicycle built for two but she looked like a child on the backseat behind the huge man. He described the upcoming terrain (wooden bridge being bumpy) as she couldn’t see past him. Hm, sure there’s a good reason.

Amusing how sounds bleed in. While reading a sentence referring to a drill and one starts across the street.

We happened into a chamber music festival cello quartet giving a free outdoors concert. Wish a traditional chinese song they were doing weren’t a few seconds short of the length of church bells but that’s how it goes, outdoors.

morning glory
Morning glories.

Betty Boop: A little soap and water is wonderfully creative. The line between real and imagination dissolves. I suppose this is what I liked most about the movie Amelie, the malleability or reality.

A back issue of Ottawa magazine had an article on taking the stigma off depression. I’m used to checklists of signs about moods, disinterest, changing appetite, but this rang different bells. Unexplained body pains, extra amount of sleep, memory issues, and panic attacks? Didn’t consider those related.

Anyone seen The Captains: a film by William Shatner? The trailer sounds interesting.

Sabah is a romcom, filmed in Toronto about a self-determination vs. family duties quandry of a Syrian-Canadian. Good film. People work thru stuff instead of that Hollywood habit of characters and relationships going downhill. It’s on Netflix.

Glad Game: Cycling holding hands.

Online radio has a classical guitar channel. Sweet. Who knew.

Funny how by random timing we happened into 3 people we knew. How often do we walk near those we know who we don’t know are there because they just turned a corner or stepped out of view?

A month until our 17 year wedding anniversary but we started celebrating today.

Quote: “Unraveling is not a bad thing. It’s not coming undone or losing control. It’s letting go in the best possible way, untangling the knots that hold you back” ~ Susannah Conway in This I Know: Notes on the Unravelling Heart [via someone's status update(?)]

Tidier Tidbits & Preventing National Messy Futures

When faced with stress, you can make something cleaner or add to the chaos.

  1. ↑ Lookie There ↑ New, simpler, cleaner.
  2. SuperBri and I pruned the plugins, and css on site so there should be no more hangs and failure to load!
  3. The burning DNA that has been remodelled thru each site update is once more clear.
  4. Pretty DNA, watch it spin and change it thanks to Kasen Lam. Celebrate that science isn’t illegal (yet).
  5. Get geek geared up: DNA neckties, DNA dog chews, or inflatable beach safety DNA anyone?
  6. “Sweetie, next time you’re feeling superior, lie down until it passes.” ~ ‏@YourAuntLola aka Deborah McKinlay
  7. Or with a terrible headache, a lie-down helps too; “The bill submitted as a budget bill to the Canadian House of Commons will introduce, amend or repeal nearly 70 federal laws”, including fair wage, pah who needs that, huh? What fun, start being a senior citizen later, take any job, fitting or not or be cut off from Employment insurance. Let’s end food inspection, cut CBC by 10% more…
  8. Bill C-38 has not passed, but is beyond bad news for environments. (We already are out of the Kyoto Protocol and it was such a baby step.)
  9. An internet Blackout to Speak Out on June 4 has over 13,000 pledged so far to protest this absurdly wrong headed bill.
  10. Which is fine but rather than trusting the ripple will reach them, register your position to your MP as well.
  11. The bill is far-reaching and short sighted which is a combo sure to whack over something with unfortunate consequences.
  12. You may experience some turbulence…On a lighter note, anyone want mini moo cards? Refer with this # and get 10% off
  13. 10 Questions that create success in life like “Have I made certain that those I love feel loved?”

[More Thursday 13 participants]

Quote: “The world in old photos, / or the world in spring – / which is younger?” ~ Roo Borson, p. 24, Rain; road; an open boat (M&S, 2012)

25 May 2012, 5:40pm
Glad Game Link Dump Photos

Storms Arrive and Pass

Photo hubby took at the Twigs & Leaves reading near Montreal. A post on that here. Mental note, don’t wear a jacket the same length as skirt, or else it looks like I forgot to put on pants. Live and,…what’s the other bit now? At least I can relate to the bloggess.

As I speak a squirrel bounded past with a mouth full of a chocolate chip cookie. Is that one better than the whole head of a red tulip looking like it was wearing wax lips?

Up a tree it goes with a cat hot on its fluffed tail. They are dos-si-doeing around the trunk.

train views
On the way back from Toronto, a storm cell circled the train.

train views

train views

I’m reminded of that beauty because another storm is coming. The air is changing. And not just the political air. Trees are waving around. The squirrel is now crouched in the crotch of the tree. The cat has sauntered off. Perhaps his person has come home. Cats can hear a bowl of food set down at at least 2 miles, yes?

I’d post, but my host server is down, down, ring of ire.

Glad Game: Simple pleasure of being seated. Warm air and sun like this feels like a vacation. My lack of success at checking things off of my priority to do list is nicely offset by my failure to give a flying leap. Not even a gnat-sized leap. I’ll care again soon enough, but I can wait. It’s not as if worrying is every going to go for a walk and get lost, or run away and join the circus, leaving me without the displeasure of its company. Yes, sitting with a to-do list undone is kind of a luxury, like fruit out of season, or better. What’s more, there’s a sense of well-being that’s utterly unjustified. Perhaps, nightmares reset the boundaries of good, the mind’s way of making the body leave bed and call a day later not so bad after all. What else? I have a book waiting for me at my mom’s house. I’m not sure why it was mailed there but I’ll get it, probably within a week. In the meantime, maybe I’ll make myself some lemonade.

Positive Difference Links: Yang Lan on changes in China. People are demanding more accountability, environmental, human right and have a literary rate over 99%.

A muslim couple on the sidewalk, a sweet story from Love InshAllah, by Zainab of Ottawa B.C..

A feature story on local hero Tom Clarke of the Guatemala Stove Project is in the current issue of Fifty-Five Plus, print and online editions.

Shereen El-Feki on health conditions made illegal and how that impedes treatment and increases disease-spread.

ArtsPark 2012 is back in the Parkdale Market tomorrow for much of the day. It’s kind of like a craft fair/cookout/mini music festival, and with poets there all day making instant poems from anyone who asks.

Craig Mod on Book Cover designs with some beautiful samples.

Quote: “You’re never too old to become younger.” ~ Mae West

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