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  1. Walter Burek:


    Thanks for your comment on my “Frontier for Ads” post. BTW, I’ve added a link in my site to your very well-written Humanyms.

    aka Walter Burek

    P: Thanks Walter.

  2. mandy:

    Hi Pearl

    I’ve added Humanyms to my blog links

    will call again soon

    P: Nice of you to let me know Mandy.

  3. hanulf:

    Well… I guess this answers my question of how many blogs you have, hehe :)

    P: You might. ;)

  4. wethree:

    On the hills in August it is heaven scented by day with the heady honeyed smell of heather. Sometimes when the wind blows hard and stirs the sea it mixes with a salt smell from spray and iron smell of the seaweed on the shore.
    When it is hot it is almost as if you can smell spices from Arabian deserts carried far across the sea.
    But at night, when all cats are gray, it smells of the tracks of mice and the night time creatures.
    We like that you came to visit our site and we will be back to call on you.
    love from the gingercats

    P: Love yr tranquil space.

  5. Cathy MacDonald-Zytveld:

    Hi Pearl,

    Love the site. I was wondering… saw your camera come out at Sean’s reading. Could I see the pics?


    P: Sure thing. They’re on their way.

  6. Allison Chick:

    Hi Pearl,
    Earlier I tried to send you an e-mail about a show I’m producing, but it didn’t work. I’d love to speak with you about it as I feel you’d be really interested. If you wouldn’t mind dropping me an e-mail that’d be great so I can fill you in more.

    P: caught it in filters. thanx. reply en route.

  7. alcoholic poet:


    emailed you the other day. like your site. have linked to it and was hoping you could spare a link back.

    don’t mean to bother you. just read in some other comments that emails have been lost.


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